Isolating studio monitors from the desk will enhance your low end and result in a pronounced punch and image. The Speaker Decouplers prevent resonant coupling, reduce vibration & acoustic energy, greater depth of field and greater detail across the frequency spectrum.


Each Speaker Decoupler measures 33 x 26 cm and can be cut to size if your monitors are smaller. If your monitors are larger, please use two speaker decouplers per monitor.


Each Speaker Decoupler can either be:


Down-fired (If your monitors are placed higher than ear level)

Up-fired (If your monitors are placed lower than ear level)

Neutral (If your monitors are at ear level)

To adjust to one of the above settings, please use the included wedge in the correct orientation.


Package Includes:

(2) Speaker Stabilizer 

Speaker Decouplers (2 Pack)

AED159.00 Regular Price
AED151.00Sale Price